Wednesday Evening League – 9 hole


For more information contact Bernie 815 383 0957

Wednesday Morning League – 9 hole

LEAGUE PLAY BEGINS MAY 10th – 8:30am, shotgun start

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If you’re a woman who enjoys playing golf and would like to become involved with a friendly group, consider joining our Ladies Golf League. Whether a beginner or advanced player, the Ladies League will provide a fun and social element to your week.   The purpose of this league is to gather a group of women together to have fun and to learn to play the game a little better. Each of us are at a different skill level and we can all learn from each other! The goal is to play this wonderful game in a no stress environment…to gain new friends and to get some good exercise!

The Wednesday night league runs from the beginning of May and ends at the end of August.  Start time will be at 5:15 by shotgun.  Please try and be here around 5:00 if possible to be ready to go by 5:15.

Cost for golfing each nite will be $18…which includes cart. The league fee this year will be $30.00- payable to Barb Reisbeck.

There will be 3 flights according to handicap. If you do not have a registered handicap, please let Barb know your usual score for 9 holes so you can be placed in the appropriate flight.

Cash payout for the top winners in each flight will be distributed on the final nite at the course at the Pizza party!! In order to qualify for the cash payout you must have participated in at least 9 of the 16 weeks of play.

The scramble nights were popular last year and we will continue this year at one per month. Teams to be determined and will be different each time. Cost to participate in the scramble will be $2.00 and the winning team will take home the cash that nite!!

Teaching tips from a pro on select nites is yet to be determined—stay tuned!

New info in response to suggestions:

**Each nite (except for scramble nites) will have a game for you to optionally participate in prior to golfing. Ex: “Guess number of putts you will have today”…..or….”What will be your total score on the Par 3’s.” The cost to participate in the game will be $2.00. The winners of each event will be announced at the pizza party and cash will be distributed to the winners!

** Golf will be played according to USGA with these exceptions/reminders:

  1.  You may pick up your ball after you have completed 8 strokes and place it on the edge of the green and then putt it in. Place a 10 on your scorecard for this hole.
  2.  You may not roll the ball anywhere including the fairway unless course conditions are not good because of weather, etc.– this will be announced prior to start time.

Remember there are a few new USGA rules this year including an option to leave the flagstick in when putting, dropping the ball from knee height instead of shoulder height after a penalty, playing ready golf, using less than 40 seconds to complete your shot..etc. A copy of rules and the changes are available on the USGA website.

We are so excited to see the interest in this league so far. Please continue to promote it to friends and let us know if anyone else may be interested!

Please contact any of us if you have any questions. Thank you!

Let’s golf and have a great time!


Bernie Hinrich –815-383-0957
Lisa Vandervliet –815-353-2213
Jan Bullock –815-685-7373
Barb Reisbeck —815-468-6210

Driving Range  –  Practice Sand Trap  –  Practice Green