Ladies Golf Leaugue

All skill and age are welcome

Ladies’ Golf League 2018

Practice Nite is May 2nd at 5:15pm

League Starts on May 9th at 5:15pm

For more information contact Bernie 815 383 0957

Tee times are every Wednesday at 5:15 pm


After we receive everyone’s handicap, we will make a schedule for the year so you know which golfer will be your opponent for each week. When league play starts, you will be provided with a scorecard which will have the name of your opponent for the evening. Remember that all golfers have a handicap so everyone has an opportunity to win every hole regardless of the number of strokes necessary to complete the hole. We did decide that 10 will be the maximum strokes for each hole to help maintain a quicker pace of play.
We will use the 4 point system for scoring. This will be explained in further detail on May 2nd or you can ask any of the committee members at any time.

A running total of points will be kept throughout the year and the winners in each flight (the number of flights yet to be determined according to # of golfers) will receive monetary prizes at the end of the year.

The 4th Wed of every month will be a “partners” nite. You may choose who you play with that nite or we can assign. On these nites the format will be alternate shot, better ball, best ball, etc. (explanations to follow before the event.) Everyone will throw $3.00 into a pot beforehand and the partners with the best score (including handicap) will take home the stash! There will be no opportunity for league points on these nites.

The entry fee for the league is $25.00. Please pay Bernie before league play starts. The cost to Aspen Ridge is $18.00 per nite which includes a riding cart. Each nite the management at Aspen will provide a “closest to the pin” game for us on one of the Par 3s. A gift will be given to the winner each nite!

Aspen is also preparing opportunities for a mini lesson once a month. They will let us know what they are and when. Examples may be…how to putt better, how to hit it out of the sand, or how to chip. This will most likely be a 15-20 min session before we start play and is strictly optional for golfers.

Some participants may only be able to play a portion of the season or may not be able to play certain nites….thats ok! Just make sure to contact the person whom you are playing that night so we are not waiting for you. If your opponent has to cancel, your points will be determined according to how well you play against a card randomly drawn by the scorekeeper.
In the event of poor weather and cancellations you will be notified by text or email that we have cancelled play for the evening.

To emphasize…..The purpose of this league is to gather a group of women together to have fun and to learn to play the game a little better. Each of us is at a different skill level and we can all learn from each other! The goal is to play this wonderful game in a no stress environment…to gain new friends and to get some good exercise!

We are so excited to see the interest in this league so far. Please continue to promote it to friends and let us know if anyone else may be interested!

Please contact any of us if you have any questions. Thank you!

Bernie Hinrich –815-383-0957
Lisa Vandervliet –815-353-2213
Kathy Peterson –815-953-6040
Jan Bullock –815-685-7373
Janet Watt –815-644-1948

Driving Range  –  Practice Sand Trap  –  Practice Green